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Happy New Year 2019 - 🎉 Is it time to start your Family Protection Plan?

If you are the "procrastinator" type of person that leaves everything until the last minute, then this blog is for you.

Why do some people wait as opposed to those that take acción? It's mostly human nature to take risks with everything we do. We decorate the roofs of our homes with Christmas lights and don't worry too much that wobbly ladder. We drive at times with no car insurance, have no life insurance because nothing has happened in the past... So yes, we take risks!

BUT, if you think about it, taking those risks can be costly in the end. The cost of medical bills can send a family into bankruptcy or a family to file for foreclosure because the inability to pay their mortgage.

How do you plan for those expected events? Term Life Insurance!

Term Life Insurance is the most inexpensive way to cover those large expenses at a reasonable price. The terms can go for 10, 20 or 30 yrs. The monthly price would vary depending on health, age, and amount, and at a very reasonable price. For a personalized quote, reach out to me by calling, texting or emailing me.