Your pets are always there when you need them. Healthy Paws makes sure you can return the favor

Product Specification

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is an easy-to-understand plan that reimburses up to 90% of vet bills for accidents, injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care for dogs and cats. The plan has no caps on payouts for covered conditions: no per incident caps, no annual caps and no lifetime caps on payouts.

Features & Benefits


Enroll pets anytime between 8 weeks and before 14 years old




Payment Options             

Each pet’s quote is customized based on pet type, breed, age, zip code, reimbursement and deductible selections.

• Customizable reimbursement level: 90%, 80%, 70% or 60%*

• Customizable annual deductible: $100, $250, $500 or $750*


*Choice will vary depending on pet’s age.





• Illnesses 

• Accidents

• Hereditary Conditions

• Chronic Conditions

• Cancer

• Diagnostic Treatment

• X-Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasounds

• Surgery

• Hospitalization

• Prescription Medications

• Emergency Care

• Specialty Care

• Alternative Treatments

• Visit Any Licensed Veterinarian

See policy for complete coverage details



Healthy Paws is designed to insure your pet for unexpected illness and accidents. The policy contains limitations and exclusions, including the following:

• Pre-existing conditions*                        • Spay/neuter procedures

• Preventative or routine care                  • The office visit fee or veterinary exam fee

* A pre-existing condition means that the condition first occurred or showed clinical symptoms before your pet’s coverage started (or during waiting periods). Our pet insurance protects you against future conditions. See the policy for a complete list of exclusions.



Reimbursement based on the actual veterinary bill.

Maximum Affinity discount applied as allowed by each state


Automatic monthly billing via credit/debit card

No per incident caps, no annual caps and no lifetime caps on payouts.

Healthy Paws

Mobile App

Submit a claim from anywhere, without a claim form. Just take a photo of your invoice and send it to Healthy Paws via the app. You can manage your account, monitor your claim status, plus much more!

Claim Processing

99% of claims are processed in 2 business days

Customer Rating

Healthy Paws is the #1 rated pet insurance plan and has earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating at

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